Moby Plays the Flute by Eeha Bhatt – Review by Moriah Venable

Moby Plays the FluteMoby Plays the Flute by Eeha Bhatt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moby is a little girl who wants to excel in school but also has trouble in school. She sometimes gets made fun of and prefers to sit in the back of class to not draw attention to herself.

A day before her birthday, Moby’s Dad has to leave again because he is a Marine. She can’t open the gift until the next day. When she does open up, she sees a flute and she loves it.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times Moby blows into the flute, it does not make any sound. So she gives up.

A year later, on her next birthday, Moby is excited to receive a gift from her day. The special day passes and no presents from her dad arrives. This causes her to look for the flute.

Still doesn’t make a sound. She looks into the flute and notices a note from her dad in it. She tried again and this time, she can make sound with the flute.

Because of her attempting to try again, she was able to play the flute. She applies this to school work.

This was such a cute story. I loved learning about Moby and the important lesson here about putting in hard work and effort. It really is an important lesson for kids

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