The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars (The Crown of Stones Book 2) by C.L. Schneider – Review by Savanah Schwarz

The second book of the Crown of Stones series continues with Ian in prison, defeated and without any hope. However, there are others, people who need something from him and people who have ill intentions for him. Either way, Ian will not be in prison long.

I was stuck between being sad, angry, and brilliantly amazed about how Ian’s journey continued with this one.

It continues several years after the first book. Several characters – friends, and enemies – return for more character development and continuation of the story.
I was not disappointed with this book. It grabbed my attention right away and I was thrilled to follow Ian and glad he was not lost after the ending of the last book. I really liked how deeply this delves into Ian and how focused it is on him. Just like any book, there are those I loved and hated. But each character had their own segment, their own reasons to continue. Some fought for freedom, while others fought to live or simply to get closure.

In this book, the world comes alive, leaving you enthralled and enriched with the storyline. Everything becomes so real, almost as if you could touch it. I loved how this developed and was so excited to read the third one. This book is so dark and daunting. It left your brain worn out from the intensity. But it was such a beautiful book. I definitely hope others liked this as much as I did.

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