The Protector (The Freemasons Book 4) by Nicole Flockton – Review by Candice Estes

The Protector (The Freemasons #4)The Protector by Nicole Flockton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Declan has loved Renee since they were children. Renee felt the same way…but that was before she was kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Renee was taken away from her family and friends for nearly three years. During those long years, she never lost hope that she’d be rescued somehow, even through all of the Once Renee is rescued and returns home, she sets off to start trying to reclaim her life even though she is constantly afraid, at first, of doing that very thing. With Declan by her side, she eventually gains more confidence and begins to feel like she can manage not just her life, but possibly even a physical relationship with Declan. After everything she’s been through, Renee and Declan deserve the happily ever after that they are finally able to find.

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