A Christmas to Remember by 5 Prince Publishing – Review by Michelle Mulvey

A Christmas to Remember: An Anthology from 5 Prince PublishingA Christmas to Remember: An Anthology from 5 Prince Publishing by Bernadette Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Christmas to remember is a wonderfully written collection of happy sweet reads to help get you in the Christmas spirit. Usually out of every anthology I read, I can find one or two books that I really enjoy
But this one was very different. I liked all the books in this collection.
Of Course I had a few favorites as I’m sure everyone does.

Mrs Clause was a great read. Abby is left a hefty inheritance but in order to get it she must be engaged or married by her 35th Christmas which is less then 2 months away. She contemplates an agreement with her ex but then decides against it for a shot at true love even if it means she may not get the inheritance if she doesn’t get engaged in the next two months.

Christmas Pizzo was a GREAT read and I loved it. Hated to see it end. I definitely am a fan of
Mafia families. Sal and Valentina are adorable. There’s alot of hostility between the 2 families but can Sal and Valentina make everyone see just how much they care for eachother…have cared for eachother since they were so young? Valentina knows the family quite well since she was best friends with Sal’s sister for many years. Loved this book.

Falling for Christmas was probably one of the sweetest happiest reads from me. Gabriel is new to town and everyone dislikes him immediately. He takes over Evergreen Savings and Loan and sends letters out advising of the changes he will be making. One morning he has Natalie and Belle waiting for him and they are not happy. Nat and Gabe are attracted to eachother right away but Nat fights that attraction as much as she can. Gave insists they work together to get him familiar with everyone and their business along with the traditions in their small town. There are some ups and downs. A definite must read.

Merry Mix-ups….what a great title. There definitely was a mix up. Max and Cassi are set up on a blind date and it’s horrible. From the silverware to the top at the sandwich shop. Total mix up. Will it work out in the end? You must read this great book to find out. Alot of great characters aside from Becca. Disliked her from the first chapter.

Copper Penny Christmas was well written. Miranda is a great girl with a head on her shoulders. Her boyfriend is a piece of work.
Wil was a friend she met at the animal
Hospital and he ended up helping her out at the end with Penny. Good read for sure.

A Rocky Mountain romance was well written. Amity is staying with her sister trying to help out and be there for her while she is pregnant. Amity meets Hank and they right away have chemistry. Will there be a future for them or is this just a stepping stone for Amity. Before she leaves again for a new endeavor ?

Mistletoe Memories –
Levi and Gretchen meet while Gretchen is in culinary school. They immediately hit it off and become great friends. Levi Braddock is a well know, most sought after cake designer around.
Mistletoe plays a huge part in this book and you definitely want to read this. It’s a sweet read with plenty of bumps in the road. Will Levi and Gretchen be able to overcome all the obstacles? Read this amazing read to find out.

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