Better Gnomes and Gardens(Mysty Haven Mystery Book 1) by Casey Cardel- Review by Heather Knalls

Better Gnomes & Gardens (Mysty Haven Mystery)Better Gnomes & Gardens by Casey Cardel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bob moved to Mysty Haven and became a lead journalist at the paper. That lasted a week after his Bigfoot store hit the front page of the paper. After being fired from the paper he is enlisted by Doug to help find his missing gnome, Charlie. Bob is beginning to realize that Mysty Haven is different than most towns. Mysty Haven is a town for mystical. He sets out to find Charlie and finds many friends and possibly a few enemies along the way. There is more than meets the eye in Mysty Haven and Bob is set to let it be known. Will things work out in his favor? Will he find Charlie and save Mysty Haven?

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