Breathe Underwater by Anise Storm & Taylor L. Ray – Review by Heidi Sturgess

Breathe UnderwaterBreathe Underwater by Anise Storm
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I often wonder how undercover agents cope because in essence you’re playing a role and at times for long periods of time , surely you start adopting some of the traits of your “alter ego “ and parts of the real you “die” I do t think it’s way at all , so shout out and respect to these men and women that are so very brave ….

Damien and Evelyn as youngsters shared a spark but before anything could come of it Evelyn’s dad interferes and I really don’t like him he’s really not a pleasant kind of man in any case his folks also suddenly up and leave and poor Evelyn is left nursing a broken heart 💔

Years later their paths cross when Damian is sent to Dallas , Texas to work undercover with the mob and my heart is nearly beating out of my chest because if rumours are true the Sicilian mafia has started business with Mexico and Damien is entering dangerous ground ….

After Damien left Evelyn put everything into her studies and became a teacher against her father’s wishes but she’s a born teacher so good on you girl !

Soon enough Evelyn has more than Max her cat for company and things between her and Damien are rather eventful , nerve racking , hot , edgy , steamy , thrilling and suspense filled 🔥

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