Gunner (Hollins & Haring Book 3) by T.J. Beach – Review by Devon Pulliam

Gunner (Hollins & Haring #3)Gunner by T.J. Beach
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off this is book 3 but a great standalone read. I don’t feel like you miss anything by not reading the other 2 first. This book does have some trigger parts…. I say that not to spoil but to warn it does talk about a suicide and a miscarriage. It also talks about the struggle and then turn around of a covid patient. Plus the struggle families had in the early days/weeks/months of the pandemic when a loved one was in the hospital.

Gary and Debbie end up quarantining together when Debbie’s mom comes down with Covid. They aren’t just co-workers but also friends as well. So this book is taking place early 2020 and mentions several times at how strict the lockdown(s) were at that time and being the first case in that area.

Debbie knows Gary has a past and during their time in quarantine she talks Gary into telling her his story. And what a story it is! His military background and training were working for him when he got mixed in with basically the wrong people. As he is telling his story to Debbie he changes into what I would like to think his old self… the one before getting caught up “chasing the money”.

All while they are working towards being private investigators. He tells Debbie about his past life and why he is now in Australia and under a new name. Seeing how hard Gary worked in his past life and let the bad over take his life I felt bad for him and his journey.

Now I am off to read the other 2 books as I need to know more of Debbie and Garys story! Hopefully there is a 4th because I’d love a follow up to this one!

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