Return to Gallanvaig (A Quirk of Destiny Book 2) by Catherine Greenall

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Return to Gallanvaig (A Quirk of Destiny Book 2) by Catherine Greenall
Genre – Dystopian, Paranormal
Page Count – 602
Cover Designer – George Stephenson

“Return to Gallanvaig” is the second part of the “Quirk of Destiny” trilogy, an apocalyptic tale of devastation and destruction caused by the widespread introduction of genetically modified food, resulting in the decimation of the human race and the rise of the “Genies,” or gene-mutated humans.

Two years have passed since the first outbreak and the Genies, led by Balthazar, the epitome of evil with paranormal powers, hatch a plan to increase their diseased race, despite the ravages of GM poisoning.

Meanwhile, a ruthless shadowy group emerges, intent on manipulating world events, causing death and destruction, with the ultimate aim to take control of the surviving world population.

They attack their sworn enemies, the Genies and inveigle the leaders of the nations of the world. The only hope for the survival of humankind is the backlash from the GM-free survivors.

Could it happen? It already is. But will good triumph over evil?


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Catherine Greenall is an environmentalist committed to using her writing to make a difference to the way people treat others, animals and the environment.

She gained a Master of Philosophy degree in Chemistry and turned to writing after a long career as a government scientist. A voracious reader, she always loved to write stories as a child and feels blessed to be able to spend more time writing now.

She is the author of an apocalyptic, visionary, science fiction trilogy. The first book ‘A Quirk of Destiny’ was awarded joint best book of 2013 by Green Living. The second book in the trilogy is ‘Return to Gallanvaig’ and the shocking final book is ‘Destiny of Light.’ The trilogy is based on actual science and imagines a world where toxic food has caused a deadly disease, where there are corrupt power systems and mutants with strange powers caused by the sickness. This trilogy was written as a warning about the potential dangers in our food and how this situation has been allowed to flourish. You can watch the trailer for the trilogy in the Author Updates section.

Catherine’s work also includes ghost, horror and vegan cookery, as well as scientific works. She is a long-term vegan and her published works include a vegan cookbook, “Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!” and collections of short stories.

Author Interview with Catherine Greenall



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