The Dwarves’ Dilemma (Science Folktales) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Shea Gilkerson 11/6/22

Dwarves' Dilemma, TheDwarves’ Dilemma, The by Lois Wickstrom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book brings a twist to well loved fairytales with the Queen, Snow White, dwarves, a magic mirror, dragons and more.

The Queen is the fairest ruler in the land, and is always brought issues between the other characters to come to the fairest conclusion. When she makes the fairest decision, the magic mirror shows a sparkle of fairness in her eyes. One day, a pair of dwarves come with a problem in which the Queen can’t come up with a fair solution. Snow White goes out to investigate and find a fair solution. What is the problem? Can Snow White and the Queen solve it fairly?

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