Nite Fire: Exit Strategy Audiobook by C.L. Schneider – Review by Shelly Kittell

5 out of 5 stars


Here we are at book 5, It’s the end! Dahlia is one of my favorite characters. She is part dragon but she is also strong, brave and resilient. The apocalypse has finally come and the poo has hit fan. She is trying to save the world. She has so many things going wrong all at once that would make most people collapse. Old enemies return while she is trying to find her missing team. This author has again written a terrific book. A fantastic finish to the series. There is lots of action from the beginning to pull you in and keep you going all the way to the end of story. The narrator does a fantastic job of pulling you in and getting you into the story. I was listening as I did chores and it made them much more exciting as I kept hearing bits about exploding dragon or monster bits all over. The action was detailed. The drama was plenty. A very powerful ending to one of my favorite fantasy series. I have loved this narrator and the author. A terrific combo that has made this a joy to listen to. I love the fact that the snark is in Dahlia. She gives as good as she gets. Her team does as well. I will miss Dahlia and her snark.

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