Operation Blackbird (Brass Compass Series Book 2) by Ellen Butler – Review by Stephanie Driskill

Operation BlackbirdOperation Blackbird by Ellen Butler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Miriam Becker is in Argentina in October 1952 where she is trying to decompress after her last mission. But as she is sitting in the café, she sees someone from her past. Miriam is forced into another job when her longtime friend and fellow operative, Jake Devlin, approaches her to be a part of his team for a dangerous mission. Working with a few handpicked agents, Miriam is to help a rocket scientist and his family defect into America, but it is not an easy job and one in which she finds her life and that of Devlin is on the line. The team plans to rescue the scientist and his family but of course, not all goes to plan, and Miriam must rely on those outside of the agency to help her. She must also save the life of Devlin and leave no man behind.
Such a great book! Very well-written characters set into the historic Germany of 1952 when tensions are still high after WW11. Amazing read that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire novel. The characters just leap off the page and I couldn’t help but to feel the rush and danger as if I was Miriam getting shot at or diving into the cold water. Definitely a must read! Do they get the family put of Germany? Does Devlin get left behind or will Miriam’s determination and prowess get them all out safely?

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