Exposed (Descendants Series Book 3) by Lea Cherry

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Exposed (Descendants Series Book 3) by Lea Cherry
Genre – YA, Witch
Page Count – 226
Cover Designer – Lea Cherry

The end is near…would you trust the enemy?

The last few months have turned Amy’s life upside down. She discovered who she really was with a life she never knew existed right under her nose. An entire world opened up to her only to be shattered by events she never wanted to experience. She lost Ryker, her friends betrayed her trust, the most powerful Tainted wanted her soul and she learned that her mother didn’t die when she was two. Did I mention that she also found out who her father was?

Amy was ready to throw it all away when her magic disappeared, but she knew that her life would never be the same even without her power. The paranormal will still be around her, and now, with her mother found, she needs to find a way to reunite her mother’s body with her soul that is trapped in the ethereal.

The only obstacle is that she needs someone of Pure-blood to power-share to bring her mother back and the only person with this ability is the enemy trying to steal her soul. Could she trust him enough to save the last remaining family she has left or would the witches she has surrounded herself with be enough?

For fans of Carolyn MacCullough, Jana Oliver and Rachel Hawkins.

Grab the final instalment of the Descendant series to find out if you can trust the enemy and if blood is thicker than water.


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Lea Cherry is a USA Today bestselling author residing in South Africa with her husband and two daughters. With a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, she shares the spark of language in Young Adult, Fantasy, and Horror. When she is not crafting stories, she shares her time with her family watching movies, painting, and reading up a storm when she is not exploring the outdoors on camping trips. Her stories are always filled with magic that will have you wanting more.

Author Interview with Lea Cherry



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