The Man in Black by L.R. Liverpool

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The Man In Black by L.R. Liverpool
Genre – Romance, Thriller
Page Count – 897
Cover Designer – Cover art (characters) – Gabriel Sanchez, cover design itself (elements, font choice) – L.R. Liverpool

Naive dreamer Fenimore James runs from home and goes west to become a famous outlaw––Simon Shaw. However, his fantasies of glamorous robberies quickly evaporate as he joins the notorious Red Evans gang and finds himself in the middle of a strange and bloody game, where gang members are suddenly being murdered one-by-one at the hand of a mysterious pursuer, who leaves cryptic signs scarifying their bodies.

To complicate matters further, Fenimore’s waking hours become torture, when he begins questioning his own sexuality, finding himself falling head-over-heels for a fellow male gang member, whom he hated and feared just recently. While his nights are plagued by a bizarre dream figure––the Man In Black.

Meanwhile the boss of the gang slowly gets paranoid, starting to suspect that the killer is someone among his own men…

WARNING: The Man In Black is an LGBT thriller and mystery that contains violence, occasional foul language, and adult sexual situations.


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Lily has been writing short stories to entertain her friends since her teen years, and before coming to pen her own novel, she helped her writer friends with research for their fiction and non-fiction. She is a collector of all things dogs, and Balto & Togo, an animal shelters volunteer, a history buff, a vintage trinkets and toys enthusiast.



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