Chicken Little Investigates (Science Folktales) by Lois Wickstrom – Reviewed by Jamie Burns

Lois Wickstrom has created a fun fractured tale based on Chicken Little. In this tale, Chicken little isn’t so naïve, and decides to investigate about “the sky falling”. Chicken Little tests her theory that it was really an acorn that fell and bumped her head. When she and her friends have come to a conclusion that something DID fall and hit her head, they cannot decided what to call this “thing” they discovered. They quickly decide the king is the best person to ask for help! On their trip, others try to help them and then join their efforts to name the discovery. Soon a whole crowd joins Little Chicken on her trip to see the king. But a hungry cunning fox might just stop the friends from visiting the king for help. How will they escape? Will the king help name their discovery? What do you think Chicken Little should call it when something drops from the sky? To find out what the King calls object dropping, read Chicken Little Investigates!

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