Creatures of the Night by C.A. King – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Creatures of the NightCreatures of the Night by C.A. King
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When an unusual anomaly in outer space opened up portals it brought with it a black mist that covered the earth. It also brought something far more sinister and deadly when it brought monsters and war started across the human race. The war raged on for generations and the remaining humans grew up training to fight and kill demons and monsters. In this new world they survived by forming clans where they could better protect themselves.

Zoe always knew that she was different and did not see things like others. In this new world she was expected to possess magic and men were expected to be warriors. Zoe knew that magic was no good if you were unable to protect yourself, so she also wanted to be a warrior. Instead, she must obey society’s rules and is sent off to the academy to hone her magic.

When Zoe meets a demon, it changes her outlook on everything. She has always fought alongside her family battling the black mist, demons, and monsters and never questioned why they do so. When she falls in love with a demon she starts to questions the rules and all that she has been taught throughout her life. Zoe begins to realize that maybe all demons are not the same after all. She is faced with the difficult decision of choosing between love and her family and friends. No matter which choice she makes she will lose something or someone that she loves. What will Zoe’s heart decide is best for her?

This book was well written and the scenes were described so vividly that you feel like you are part of Zoe’s journey. The character of Zoe really grows and develops as the story unfolds. She is smart, strong, feisty, and a force to be reckoned with. When Zoe meets a demon she becomes conflicted about what she has been taught and must make a difficult decision. She craves love but will she choose it over her own family. What a gut-wrenching decision to have to make. A great Dystopian Fantasy read with love, romance, adventure, supernatural, magic, demons, and monsters.

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