Shadow (Devil’s Handmaidens MC: Timber-Ghost, Montana Chapter Book 2) by D.M. Earl – Review by Kayla Octaviano

Shadow (Devil's Handmaidens MC-Book Two)Shadow by D.M. Earl
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Shadow is the Devil’s Handmaidens MC enforcer, I one-percenter motorcycle club of all women. She is strong, serious, scary, and THE force to be reckoned with. We meet Shadow in the first Devil’s Handmaidens MC book where we discover her position as enforcer makes her switch into a monster who can torture, kill, and cause so much pain, nobody wants to be on her bad side. In this continuation of the series, we find out why and how Shadow is who she is and can do what she can. Panther is a Navajo Indian who fought in the military and has his own warring background. In this story, we get to watch 2 halves become a whole, and be ripped apart by something so intense, it could kill them. Shadow’s past. This book is tortured and beautiful, heartbreaking and strengthening, painful and comforting. This book is an enigma of contradictions and I loved it so much! Be prepared for trigger warnings, this book is full of them. But if you can make it through, it is worth knowing Shadow and seeing her wounds reopened and healed all in one story.

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