Shadow (Devil’s Handmaidens MC: Timber-Ghost, Montana Chapter Book 2) by D.M. Earl – Review by M Policicchio

Shadow (Devil's Handmaidens MC-Book Two)Shadow by D.M. Earl
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I was all in on the Devil’s Handmaidens after Tink but I wanna learn to ride and move to Montana after Shadow. This book wrecked me. The emotions that were evoked from me by this book were completely unfair. It wasn’t just one emotion, there were mixed emotions in bunches. As Shadow’s history was discussed, I felt anger at the b@sterds that hurt her but compassion for her and those that care about Shadow. I felt Shadow’s pain. The author made it so easy to feel with Shadow as her emotions dripped from the page and soaked your fingers as you read.

Zoey/Shadow has always tried to blend into the background. It was a defense mechanism. If no one could see her, no one could hurt her. Shadow was used to being hurt. She doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t being hurt. When Zoey was about 12, she was found by Tink, who forced Zoey to be her friend by never giving up on her. Tink has stuck by her ever since. Now someone else is trying to break through Shadow’s carefully crafted walls, well actually two somebodies. Hannah has attached herself to Shadow and isn’t letting go. But the real problem isn’t the annoying little sister, it is him.

Panther has been chasing Zoey for a while now. There is a connection between them he can’t explain. Maybe it is the work, breaking up trafficking rings, that they do together. It could be that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Panther got a glimpse of that beauty as he watched her face tattoos being applied. Panther thinks that her tattoos only enhance her natural beauty. Panther has asked Shadow to help him out on a big job. This is a ring that he has been tracking for years. When the time comes, the ring leader only wants to deal with Shadow, putting her in danger.

When Shadow is taken, Panther’s team, the Devil’s Handmaidens, Tink’s father’s MC, and a few friends help track Shadow’s whereabouts in attempts to save her. As they search, they discover secrets about Shadow’s past. Will they be able to save her in time? Will all the secrets still left to be discovered be what finally breaks Shadow? You have to read to find out!!

OMFG!!!!! What an emotional ride. I don’t know how you love a book that tortures your soul, but I do. I am deep with this series. No matter how much it hurts, I will read each and every book. These women are more than survivors. They are heroines just trying to give back, even if they have to crack a few heads to do it. I luv all the characters. I luv the over-protective alphas that get put in their place by the pixie-esque women. The realness of this series, of these women, is almost too much. But since they lived it, we can do them (the real women in the world facing these issues everyday) the honor by reading about it, getting angry about it, and doing something to stop trafficking in all forms!! Give me a kutte and the ink, I am in (minus the whole knowing how to ride thingy)!!!!!

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