Shadow (Devil’s Handmaidens MC: Timber-Ghost, Montana Chapter Book 2) by D.M. Earl – Review by Rebeca Elliott Figueiras

Shadow (Devil's Handmaidens MC-Book Two)Shadow by D.M. Earl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. Just wow.
If I thought I was emotionally invested in the first book, it has only intensified in this one.

My heart ached for Shadow and everything she had been through, but I could see how Shadow’s past shaped her and it gives me an even greater appreciation for her. The way that she fights hard for those who need it and her dedication to free those trapped as she was is heart-breaking, especially as her own mental wounds are still healing. I thought Shadow was portrayed very well, there was the right amount of balance between the trauma and recovery and the way she initially reacts to the character of Panther felt raw. She is such a strong character, I love her.

Panther is also a lovable character, his patience and support for Shadow makes him perfect for her as she tries to heal and move forward.
He himself has his own healing to do and I think that helps him in understanding Shadow and her needs. He plays an important role in the book, not just as a love interest, but also in helping the women being trafficked.
I enjoyed the pair’s dynamic, and their progression was realistic and relatable – I was rooting for their relationship the whole way through.

Another great book in this unique series. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

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