Taming Brooklyn (The Club Kings Series Book 1) by Charlotte St. Pierre – Review by Beverly Finnie

Taming Brooklyn (The Club Kings Series Book 1)Taming Brooklyn by Charlotte St. Pierre
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I loved this book! Taming Brooklyn gave the reader so much. Happiness, sadness, pain, suffering, love, friendship, and the beginnings of a polyamorous relationship that looks like it might be spanning a few books. And you know what? I can’t wait! The way the author wrote the main characters, it pulls one in. You get invested, and you can’t help but root for them. There’s some very dark themes throughout, but there’s so much light as well.
Brooklyn is broken, in every sense of the word. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, which has made her into a recluse. But one night out to bid her best friend adieu, changed all that.
Jaxon and Oliver went for it and even though she ran, they knew she was something special. Unfortunately convincing Aiden and Gideon of that would be another topic. What they didn’t expect is she would be the very woman who was running a branch of the nonprofit they wanted to get involved in.
What do the Knight brothers want with Brooklyn?
Will her checkered past come back to haunt her? Could it ruin them? So many questions and this book only answered so many, but it’s okay because it was left open for book two!
The emotional trauma these characters go through doesn’t seem real, but they are all very real scenarios that people can very well relate too. The way the author presents these past stories may put people on edge, but it gives so much to the book that has been written.
The Knight brothers found each other and helped heal each other from their emotional childhood traumas, declaring themselves brothers and changing their names in the process. Will they be able to do that very thing for Brooklyn as they navigate the feelings they share for her?
Will she let them?
I want to keep writing but I know if I do, I’ll start posting spoilers to this book. So at this point all I’ll say is read it. Develop your own feelings and connections to these characters, just like I did.

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