Your Trainer Says Hi! (Vengeful Vixens Book 2) by Indie Sparks

Your Trainer Says Hi! (Vengeful Vixens Book 2) by Indie Sparks
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Page Count – 225
Cover Designer – Indie Sparks

Best friend extraordinaire, Nadine Garrison, is back for book two, but she’s got her own problems this time.

Sure, in retrospect, going into business with some guy I’d only been dating for six months sounds impulsive.

Okay, it was impulsive, but it was a good opportunity, and Heath put in as much money as I did. We were equal partners. Until he made an unauthorized withdrawal.

It’s not like he absconded to another country with the money. No, he sunk every dime into a foolproof investment. In my defense, I was vulnerable when we met, and Heath was only supposed to be my rebound guy. I never dreamed I’d have to financially rebound from him.

So now, while he’s busy hawking snake oil, trying to grow his downline, I’m out here just trying to maintain my sanity, stay on top of my game for my sales job, and keep our juice bar afloat.

But there’s always time for vengeance. Heath stole my money; I’ll take his beloved personal trainer. It’s a start.

Wick puts my body through the wringer, in the gym and out, but he’s so not my type. His storm-cloud eyes might see right through me, and his filthy mouth definitely takes my mind off my troubles for a while, but there is not a more arrogant man in the world. Like I said, so not my type. So, why do I keep seeing him? 

A broke bitch can still be a bad bitch. And the more time I spend with Wick, the badder I want to be.


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Indie Sparks writes heroines with hutzpah and heroes with dirty mouths and the skills to walk the talk. She gives them all the happy endings they deserve, some for now, some forever. Spicy rom-coms are her favorite flavor in fiction. In real life, she favors the bold, wonderful tastes that some silly urban legend calls bitter and insists makes her more prone to becoming a serial unaliver. She wouldn’t hurt anyone, but she would gladly take everyone’s black coffee, red wine, and extra-dark chocolate. Her purse holds more lipsticks than money, and the only thing bulging more than her bookshelves is the men in her books.

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