His Forever Muse (The Echo Series Book 2) by C.R. Alam – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

His Forever Muse (Book 2 of The Echo Series)His Forever Muse by C.R. Alam
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His Forever Muse is the second book in The Echo Series. In the first book we met Rae and Dean, but we also met Rae’s best friend Brandon. Brandon Rossi is the front man in a famous band, Canis Major. However, Brandon is also an artist and at the beginning of the book seems to have lost his way. He is visiting Rae while waiting to give birth and she helps him realize that maybe he needs to recharge his batteries. He decides it is time to rediscover himself and get back to having motivation to keep creating, creating music and art. On his travels, he ends up in Morocco, which wasn’t on his original journey, however, this stop leads him to a long lost friend. Calliope Chen-Bisset (Callie), his bestfriend and bandmate’s sister showed up to consult on some art for a new project when they are reunited. Brandon and Callie grew up together and were very good friends until she went to college. When speaking about their past I think both were closer then they ever realized and depended on each other, but as in many situations life happens. Now that they have reunited, neither of them are wanting to let go. The problem is though, Brandon lives in New York and Callie in Paris. Callie is fighting a past that won’t seem to let her go, and Brandon is trying to keep the past from slipping through his fingers again. Each seem to be realizing that they have an energy together that they have never felt with anyone else. There lives are so far apart, but Brandon refuses to let her go again, but will her past keep her from moving forward and letting him in? Is he ready to really give up his entire life to make sure he stays in hers?
I really enjoyed book 2. I was already loving Brandon in the first book. He is an honest, down to earth, smart, artistic, gentleman who is a romantic at heart. In every ounce of this book he was respectful, loving, patient, and just what every woman would dream of. Callie was a great character too. She is brave, strong, and finding herself once again as a force to be reckoned with. The chemistry the two had jumped off of the page. You could truly feel the love they had for each other. The author described the feelings in a great way where you could feel the strength at times it took to hold back, or how much hurt they were dealing with. I will say the first love scene, wow!!! Before they even get to the main course she is approaching him like a piece of art and the process of taking her time absorbing everything this man had to offer – okay sign me up – HOT!! Definitely excited for book 3!

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