Non-Verbal by Molly Zenk – Review by Jamie Burns

“My words disappeared when I was fifteen months only.” Emerson was a happy child who went from counting to not being able to string words together to communicate what she desires to say. Emerson Was diagnosed with functional nonverbal autism on top of a sensory processing disorder. The book, Non-Verbal give the reader first hand insight about Emerson and her family’s lives. It is really amazing to read this book from the perspective of Emerson Because you know exactly what she is struggling with throughout the book. This book is well written and is impactful. This book would be great to pose discussions with teenagers and young adults about people who are different and how their world looks. Non-Verbal gives everyone a glimpse into Emerson‘s life and is based on a true story, I only hope that going forward that there are many more books like this one.

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