Fee, Fi, Fo, Grow! (Science Folktales) by Lois Wickstrom

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Fee, Fi, Fo, Grow! (Science Folktales) by Lois Wickstrom
Genre – Kids, Family
Page Count – 28
Cover Designer – Ada Konewki

Jacqueline’s Family is Hungry. She Doesn’t Want to Eat her Friendly but Dry Cow.

When Jacqueline trades the cow at the market for a few so-called “magic beans,” her mom tosses them out the window in a fit of anger. When Jacqueline discovers the beans really are magic, she climbs the giant beanstalk and learns that her family is not the only one suffering from hunger. Now Jacqueline wants to feed the family of giants as well as her own.Yes, the giant family has riches, but you can’t eat them. And she would never consider robbing them.

Will Jacqueline learn the real magic of the beans in time to feed everyone?


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 Lois is a former science teacher. She has written a series of science-based folktales. In each modernized tale, the protagonist achieves a better ending because of learning scientific principles. Lois likes to garden, ride her bike with her husband, cook, and she votes in every election.

Author Interview with Lois Wickstrom



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