People Safari by Feather Chelle – Review by Jamie Burns

Get ready to gear up with Ranger Marco on a People Safari! Do not worry, no humans were harmed in this adventure. Ranger Marco is taking a family of deer scientists on a tour of a real human neighborhood to gather scientific information about humans. Ranger Marco helps the family navigate the neighborhood and they see daily life of humans including dogs with clothes?!? Chelle does a wonderful job capturing the thoughts animals might have about the rather strange human behaviors they see throughout the story. The illustrations throughout the book are creative and really brings the story to life. While this story is a longer one, it could be split up into sections for reading at bed time. This book would also be great to use in a classroom for a daily read aloud. At the end of the book, you could have your own people safari themed party complete with safari gear and a picnic. You could also have students write their own blurb about an illustration and from an animal’s point of view- this would work well if you have a classroom pet or even a pet at home.

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