People Safari by Feather Chelle

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People Safari by Feather Chelle
Genre – Kids, Adventure
Page Count – 52
Cover Designer – Pandu Permana
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  With a fresh perspective on human behavior, as seen by a deer family and their raccoon guide, this book will get you thinking like an animal scientist and have you laughing, as well. Not only are these musings fun, but they just might bring us closer to the natural world and deepen our respect for it, making us better stewards of our environment in the future


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Feather Chelle is a single mother, living in Texas with her children, two grandpuppies and a grandpiggy (guinea pig).  She is totally blind, due to a battle with Retinoblastoma and enjoys homeschooling with her family.
      She loves to teach and has been writing since the first grade, starting out  on her grandma’s old typewriter, although her first book was not published until the very end of 2020. The pandemic forced her to slow down from many activities, and she decided to use some of her newly discovered spare time to focus on publishing some books that she had written throughout the years. To date, she has managed to publish seven books, and there are over twenty more books in various stages of production. Her goal is to create fun and engaging books that also educate.

Author Interview with Feather Chelle



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