Mr. Barsins’ Toy Emporium by Lois Wickstrom

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Mr. Barsins’ Toy Emporium by Lois Wickstrom
Genre – Kids
Page Count – 236
Cover Designer – Ty Meier
While on his birthday cruise, Jack spies a mermaid. He finds her later in the secret room at Mr. Barsins’ Toy Emporium. Lily lost her sylphs when her father moved to Florida. Like her other friends, her sylphs stayed behind. But now they are looking for her in Mr. Barsins’ Toy Emporium. Audrey sees herself as a noble knight, whose duty is to slay a dragon. She seeks one at Mr. Barsins’ Toy Emporium, and she intends to slay it. And Nick has been lying about a bad gnome causing all the trouble at his house. He finds a really bad gnome at Mr. Barsins’ Toy Emporium. Why is Mr. Barsin giving out imaginary playmates? Are they in danger?


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Lois Wickstrom lives in a world where imaginary playmates are real. She doesn’t remember being born, so she finds unbirthdays are more exciting than the official once-a-year date on the calendar. She’s taken so many science classes that she believes science is the solution to almost every problem, including the dilemmas in fairy tales.

She writes by herself. She writes with co-authors. She asks illustrators what they would like to draw. If she ever writes her autobiography, the title will be My Life as a Group Project.

Her mother used to get angry with her for daydreaming. Her little sister picked on her. So she lived in books and wrote her own stories in which the bad-guys made sense, and the good-guys had a chance. As she has grown older, her imagination has grown weirder. Even she doesn’t know what she will write next.

Author Interview with Lois Wickstrom



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