Shadow’s Fall (Shadowstalker Series Book 3) by Natalie Johanson

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Shadow’s Fall (Shadowstalker Series Book 3) by Natalie Johanson
Genre – YA, Fantasy
Page Count – 348
Cover Designer – GetCovers

Rose Trewin went in search of a ruin and found a clan instead; people she didn’t know were alive. As the newly appointed Chief of the magical Shademaker Clan, Rose must learn what it means to lead while still trying to control her magic. She soon discovers the powerful mage, Gerik, has escaped capture by the king. Gerik is intent on destroying everything Rose loves and the family she’s found. She must travel to the strange southern land to hunt him. To kill him. To be an assassin once again.

King Micah Ellsworth’s country is at a tipping point. He returned from the south after fighting the trespassers that attacked his people and he expected a hero’s welcome. He finds, instead, a rising religious group is dividing his people and fighting against those with magic. King Micah is without a queen and with his country facing a famine in the spring and hate in the streets, he must fight to stop the brewing unrest.

Rose and the king both must sacrifice to save their people.
They just don’t realize how much they have to lose.


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 Fantasy author Natalie Johanson lives in the beautiful mountain valley of Utah with her two cats, Watson and Holmes, and her adorable wife. She spends far too much time staring out of windows, drinking tea, and buying books she’ll never have the time to read.

Her debut novel, Shadow’s Voice, became an award-winning book, followed quickly by Shadow’s Past. The award-winning series, The Shadowstalker, continues to grow and monopolize much of her time and focus; not that she had much to begin with.

Author Interview with Natalie Johanson



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