Kneading a Winning Idea by Terri Sabol

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Kneading a Winning Idea by Terri Sabol
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Genre – Kids
Page Count – 36
Cover Designer – Pei Jen and Praise Saflor

A fun story that encourages children to bake or be bakers. Includes a yummy recipe too!

It’s time for the annual bake-off, and Ben is determined NOT to come in second place AGAIN!

To take the first-place prize, Ben will need to enhance his buttermilk biscuit recipe—and his inspiration comes from the most unexpected source.

Facing the possibility of failure is brave. This story encourages readers to put fear aside to try their best, even if failure is a possibility.

   Facing Fears

      Being Brave

      Perseverance – Trying Your Best

      Encouraging Kid Bakers

      Practice Makes Perfect

      Never Giving Up

A perfect story to teach the value of practice and perseverance for children ages 5-9.


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Terri Sabol is an accomplished children’s book author, renowned for her heartwarming and entertaining stories featuring the real-life adventures of her two beloved rescue kittens, Oscar and Emmy. Born and raised in Texas, Terri developed a love of writing and storytelling at a young age, and always dreamed of one day becoming an author. Thinking that was out of reach, she focused on her other dream… teaching.

After graduating from college with a Masters degree in education, Terri worked as an early childhood teacher, and it was during this time that her passion for picture books truly blossomed. She was inspired by the joy and wonder that children experienced when reading and listening to stories, and it was this love for inspiring young minds that led her to create her own series of children’s books.

Terri’s debut book, “Oscar and Emmy Get Rescued”, was published in 2016, and told the heartwarming story of how she came to adopt her two kittens from the animal shelter where she volunteered. The book was an instant hit with children and parents alike, and it quickly became clear that there was a demand for more stories featuring Oscar and Emmy and to help educate children on the importance being involved in pet care.

Over the years, Terri has continued to write new books in the series, each one capturing the unique personalities and quirks of her two adventurous cats. Her books not only entertain children, but also promote the values of compassion and kindness towards animals, as well as the importance of rescue and adoption.

In addition to her Oscar and Emmy series, Terri has also written several other books showing off her writing skills, including “Green With Envy” and “Kneading a Winning Idea”.

When she’s not writing, Terri can be found spending time with her two rescue kitties, Oscar and Emmy. She also loves travelling and exploring new places and visiting old favorites, all the while taking inspiration for her next book. Through her stories, Terri hopes to inspire children to explore the world around them, to embrace their imaginations, to never give up on their goals, and to always be kind and compassionate towards others, especially animals.

Author Interview with Terri Sabol



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