A New Day for Cray (The Adventures of Cray Series) by G Pa Rhymes – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

A New Day For Cray (The Adventures of Cray on the Bay)A New Day For Cray by G. Pa Rhymes
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A New Day for Cray is the 2nd book I’ve read with my 7 year old in this series (The Adventures of Cray on the Bay). Cray is a mean little crab at the start of this book! He pinches all his friends, and they do not like it. I’m glad he had a transformation and learned his lesson- and taught a lesson to all the young readers regarding friendship and kindness. All his friends names rhyme, which my son thought was cool. We have Fay (turtle), Ray (seagull) and Hay (fox). The illustrations in this book are lovely; so fun and colorful. After reading this book, we had to do some research on crabs loosing their claws. Then went back to the other Cray book we read (Cray Saves the Day), to see if he had 2 claws in that story. I love this series and my son can’t wait to read the rest.

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