If the Shoe Fits (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 3) by Bea Stevens

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If the Shoe Fits (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 3) by Bea Stevens
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Genre – Romantic Comedy/Chick Lit
Cover Designer – Lou J. Stock
Publishing Company – Bea Stevens
Goodreads –…/show/43833734-if-the-shoe-fits

Libby can’t believe her luck when she lands the job in the fashion section of ‘Woman Matters’ the Chronicle’s female supplement. She also can’t believe how horrid her new boss, Valerie Fulton-Coombes is.
She’s thrilled to be set to work on a new personalised clothing collection until she realises its poor quality – which would have been apparent even if she hadn’t accidentally torn one of the tops. Valerie, however seems besotted by the clothes, and even more besotted by the designer, George Clooney look-alike, Quinton Bellis.
Libby digs out some information about Bellis and his company which Valerie would rather not hear. When a similar hoodie to that in the collection is significant in an attempted kidnap, Valerie is devastated – especially as she’d misunderstood the reason for the police’s visit and blurted out a lot of personal incriminating information they didn’t need to hear and she certainly didn’t need to confess.
Things go from bad to worse when Valerie and Libby realise someone wants them dead. Can James help this time? Can anyone save them? And is it wise to put all your faith in a shoe when lives are at stake – even if it is a Louboutin?


Bea lives in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire, England, but is never averse to taking a trip to the local (and not-so-local) towns to check out the big stores for new shoes and bags (all in the name of research, of course ).

She has worked mainly in catering and admin, but had to give up her job to aid her fight against breast cancer. An eternal optimist, she took the opportunity to write – something she has always loved. Every cloud… and all that!

She hopes very much that you share her sense of humour and that you enjoy her first Chick Lit novel, Best Foot Forward.


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Dancing Queen by Charlotte Roth

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Dancing Queen by Charlotte Roth
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Genre: Chick-lit, humor
Page Count – 276 pages
Cover artist: Amy Queau
Goodreads –

Every body can be a dancer’s body!
All her life, Fiona has dreamed of becoming a dancer but she was always told that dancing was not for “fat girls” like her. Now, at age thirty-five, Fiona is again confronted with her weight issues when the HR department kindly encourages her and a co-worker, Stu, to attend a support group for people with “health” issues. When quilting is suggested as a hobby to help with their total opposite eating disorders (Fiona loves everything calorie, Stu tries to avoid any), Stu insanely suggests they enter a local version of Dancing With the Stars instead…

What follows is a fantastic journey with a lot of ups and downs, sore feet, self-doubt, sweat and tears mixed in with ghosts from the past.

Dancing Queen is a warmhearted and humorous story about self-doubt, dancing, friendship, and the courage to follow your dreams no matter what size you are.

“If you love fast-paced, feel-good books, with snappy dialogue, lots of humor and heart, this is the book for you.”



Charlotte is a mom, a wife, and an author—in that order. She’s originally from Denmark but moved to Seattle in 2005 with her husband, baby Alfred, and lots of hopes and dreams. The family has since added the twincesses, Emma and Olivia.

When she’s not ‘mom’ (read= doing laundry, making lunches, and solving kids’ world crisis), she spends every second of her free time writing what readers call compelling, fun, and loving stories. Her fiction is often inspired by real life and at times highly personal. Her novels are filled with endearingly flawed (mostly female) characters and emotional complexity. You are what you write. You write what you are.

Interview with Charlotte Roth

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The Future Memoir of Ann Jones by Alex Bailey

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The Future Memoir of Ann Jones by Alex Bailey
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Genre – Chick-lit, Cozy Mystery, Light Suspense, Romance, Women’s Fiction
Page Count – 414 pages
Cover Designer: Agape Author Services
Publishing Co. – Maiden Voyage Publishing
Goodreads –

Ann Jones knows the difference between a daydream, a fantasy, and a vision. She’s a decent, middle-class mom with a respectable husband and two kids. And a “wild imagination.”

But what kind of decent woman imagines her husband dead, a relocation across the country, a new career, the perfect boyfriend, and most importantly, Knitting Club?

Not just any old Knitting Club. This one has rules—not one of them concerns knitting.

Ann listens to the club members’ stories, becomes entangled in their lives, obeys their rules, and keeps her suspicions to herself.

Her independent existence is an awakening. Ann Jones has changed.

So what happens when she wakes up?

Steel Magnolias meets Stepford Wives. Moving, powerful, enchanting, and brimming with a glorious cast of characters; this is a joy.


Alex Bailey was a bored writer/editor of documents as monotonous as vacuum cleaner manuals.  She left that life behind to create more exciting worlds than the one she lived in. The Future Memoir of Ann Jones is the first book under her assumed identity. She also writes children’s books under the name of Hoot N. Holler. When Alex is not listening to friends reveal wild stories about their future, she tends to her organic garden while belting out show tunes. Alex and her husband started the garden with the intent to donate fresh organic food to their local food bank, and so far, it has been a smashing success. Ironically, Alex does not have the patience to sit still long enough to knit. But, some of her favorite hobbies include: embarrassing her children in public with her rhythmically-challenged dancing, cleaning the small disc around the stopper of the bathroom sink, and dallying.

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Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 1) by Bea Stevens

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Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 1) by Bea Stevens
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Genre – Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy
Page count – 376 pages
Cover Designer – Susan Garwood, Wicked Women Designs
Goodreads –…/show/38486299-best-foot-forward

Liberty ‘Libby’ Lawrence adores designer labels – even though she can’t afford many. And she especially loves shoes. Her favourites are Christian Louboutins – though not those fake ones Bianca Morrison-Wright gets from the market (the red paint rubs off the soles and everything!)

She’s working as a manager (albeit junior manager) at a London hotel, when the boss announces that there has been a theft from his office. Libby couldn’t help noticing some strange marks on his carpet when she was called in for a reprimand recently (not that it was her fault, or anything) which lead her to surmise who the thief is.

Detective Sergeant James Harper, the hunky policemen who is assigned the case, seems interested in her theory – until she names her number one suspect. Libby is devastated, not only because he doesn’t believe her but – more importantly – that this guy knows NOTHING about shoes!

As Libby struggles to convince the sergeant that her hunch is right, her boss that she’s ready for promotion and herself that she’s not really falling for the gorgeous copper, she realises that maybe she’s wrong about the theft, she’s not suited to the hotel industry and that the handsome hunk is married!


Author of Chick Lit, lover of chocolate (and doesn’t think it’s pure coincidence that the two sound similar!) Has a penchant for shoes, bags, clothes (the usual necessities), and socialising with friends, family and anyone else who gets dragged along.

Hopes you enjoy her books, get her humour, don’t object to her use of British spellings and keep in touch!


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