Dancing Queen by Charlotte Roth

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Dancing Queen by Charlotte Roth
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Genre: Chick-lit, humor
Page Count – 276 pages
Cover artist: Amy Queau
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42415533-dancing-queen

Every body can be a dancer’s body!
All her life, Fiona has dreamed of becoming a dancer but she was always told that dancing was not for “fat girls” like her. Now, at age thirty-five, Fiona is again confronted with her weight issues when the HR department kindly encourages her and a co-worker, Stu, to attend a support group for people with “health” issues. When quilting is suggested as a hobby to help with their total opposite eating disorders (Fiona loves everything calorie, Stu tries to avoid any), Stu insanely suggests they enter a local version of Dancing With the Stars instead…

What follows is a fantastic journey with a lot of ups and downs, sore feet, self-doubt, sweat and tears mixed in with ghosts from the past.

Dancing Queen is a warmhearted and humorous story about self-doubt, dancing, friendship, and the courage to follow your dreams no matter what size you are.

“If you love fast-paced, feel-good books, with snappy dialogue, lots of humor and heart, this is the book for you.”



Charlotte is a mom, a wife, and an author—in that order. She’s originally from Denmark but moved to Seattle in 2005 with her husband, baby Alfred, and lots of hopes and dreams. The family has since added the twincesses, Emma and Olivia.

When she’s not ‘mom’ (read= doing laundry, making lunches, and solving kids’ world crisis), she spends every second of her free time writing what readers call compelling, fun, and loving stories. Her fiction is often inspired by real life and at times highly personal. Her novels are filled with endearingly flawed (mostly female) characters and emotional complexity. You are what you write. You write what you are.

Interview with Charlotte Roth

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  1. Angela Hayes
    Angela Hayes says:

    The story, for me, was all about courage, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, believing in yourself and being true to yourself, following your dreams, hope, and mending relationships along the way. Inspiring!


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