Hero High: Heartbreak Rebellion (Hero High Collections Book 2) by Mina Chara – Review by Lianne Probert

Heartbreak Rebellion (Hero High, #4)Heartbreak Rebellion by Mina Chara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heartbreak Rebellion is part of the Hero High series by Mina Chara. If you haven’t already, I would recommend starting this series from the beginning, otherwise you will be a little lost.
The story picks back up with Friday, who is still recovering from the last battle. She finds herself with a new love interest and thrust into the limelight once again. As her fame grows Friday finds herself in turmoil with some tough decisions to make. She finds it hard to know who to trust.
I love the character of Friday and you really get to see her grow up in this book. She has to stand on her own two feet a little more.
If you’re already a fan of this series there are lots of familiar faces. As always the story is action packed and fast paced. This was probably my favourite book of the series so far.

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The Saint of Liars (The Lucky Devil series Book 2) by Megan Mackie – Review by Lianne Probert

The Saint of Liars (Lucky Devil #2)The Saint of Liars by Megan Mackie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Saint of Liars is book two in the Lucky Devil series by Megan Mackie. If you haven’t already I would recommend starting with book one.

I really enjoyed this book, having already met some of the characters in book one I found it easier to follow and, as a result, more enjoyable.
This story is jam packed from the start, and the fast pace keeps your turning pages and wanting more. The story starts back with Rune, just a few months after where book one ended. She’s having problems both magical and financial. Rune is a character that you can’t help but like and, for me, she holds the book together. Rune’s past is not a happy story and unfortunately it’s starting to catch up with her. You meet some familiar faces again in book two. Saint Benedict is back and has his own troubles. I feel for this character, but sadly I didn’t quite like him as much in book two. You also get to meet some much-needed fresh faces who help to breathe life into this story.
If you like fast-paced action-packed stories then this one is for you.

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Drifting, Falling: Diary of a Call Girl Suicide by A.J. Ullman – Review by Lianne Probert

Drifting, Falling -- Diary of a Call Girl SuicideDrifting, Falling — Diary of a Call Girl Suicide by A.J. Ullman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drifting, Falling: Diary of a Call Girl Suicide, by A.J Ullman was unlike any book I’ve read before.
The story is of Ripley, a troubled girl who has suffered through several traumas that led to the life she has now. All she wants is to feel in control, and this story depicts the planning of her own death. Ripley is smart and courageous, her childhood dreams of being an astronaut fills her mind and she wishes for a life a million miles away from the one she’s living. Planning her death gives Ripley the element of control she longs for.
Ripley is a relatable character, perhaps not because of her traumas or current lifestyle, but because underneath it all she is a funny girl, layered with sarcasm, witty remarks and vulnerability. I just wanted her to find help, and to take control of her life in a different way, by living her dreams.
No spoilers here, but as expected there are twists and turns throughout this story that will keep you guessing and turning the pages.

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Finding His Zen by Tammy Mannersly – Review by Lianne Probert

Finding His ZenFinding His Zen by Tammy Mannersly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finding his Zen by Tammy Mannersly is a sweet, feel-good romance.

Sebastian is a swimming superstar who is ready for a quieter life after a hectic career, he’s happy to be back in his hometown.
Zenia is a small-town family girl. After taking over and refurbishing her grandfather’s gym she’s excited to have a superstar swimmer cutting the ribbon. The pair have an instant connection, but as always things never run smoothly, and you’re left wondering if they will ever find a way to make it work.
This story is an easy read and the characters will keep you reading and leave you wanting more. The author knows how to write lovable characters and that’s really what keeps you hooked throughout. By the end you are really invested and rooting for these guys!

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Finders Reapers: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 4) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Lianne Probert

Finders Reapers (New Orleans Nocturnes, #4)Finders Reapers by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finders Reapers is book 4 in the New Orleans Nocturnes series by Carrie Pulkinen.

As with the other books in this series, this story is fun, sexy, action packed and fast paced.
There is a similar theme throughout the series, love strikes whenever it fancies, usually where you wouldn’t expect it. Asher and Jasmine are thrown together in a tricky situation. There is lots of laughter along the way, and I love the way the characters are brought to life. The energy between them almost jumps off the page, and they have a very playful relationship. The author has won me over in every book with her lovable characters and lighthearted “horror”, it’s a very different kind of romcom, but it gives you the same happy feelings.
This story can definitely be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. However, there is a crossover of characters which I absolutely love, for me it makes it even more enjoyable. So, if you haven’t already, I would recommend starting at book one and enjoying the whole series.

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Accountability (Scope of Practice Book 3) by Jessica Aiken-Hall – Review by Lianne Probert

Accountability (Scope of Practice #3)Accountability by Jessica Aiken-Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Accountability is Book Three in Jessica Aiken-Hall’s Scope of Practice series. To enjoy this to the full, I would suggest reading the first two books in the series, it really helps to understand the story better and to know the characters and what they have been through.

Valerie’s story has kept me hooked since book one. She has been through so much, and in this book she realises that she needs to put the same effort in to helping herself as she does to helping others. This story, as with the others, is full of twists, turns and surprises! The book is filled with emotions as Vals strength of character is put to the test. The characters are very relatable, and after reading the first two books I was already invested in their lives and stories.
The author knows how to keep you hooked, and keeps you turning the page right to the very end. The suspense builds throughout and it’s one of those books you can’t put down without knowing what happens next!

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Finding Ruth: A Daughter’s Quest to Discover Her Mother’s Past by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Lianne Probert

Finding RuthFinding Ruth by Cynthia Hamilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finding Ruth is a very different book than I’m used to from Cynthia Hamilton. Cynthia delves into her mother’s past to discover the memories that Alzheimer’s has blurred, altered and in some cases removed completely.

Ruth’s story is a rollercoaster ride spanning over sixty years. The emotions bounce off the page through Cynthia’s writing and you want nothing more than for Ruth’s story to be a happy one.
I found myself hooked, needing to know what happened next, so I can only imagine what this must have been like for the author to have been piecing together pictures and clues and memories to try and discover who her mother really was.
The outcome of this is an emotional memoir about a real woman who made some difficult choices throughout her life.
If you enjoy memoirs or non fiction stories then I would recommend this.

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The Trouble With Paradise (A Madeline Dawkins Mystery Book 4) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Lianne Probert

The Trouble with Paradise (Madeline Dawkins #4)The Trouble with Paradise by Cynthia Hamilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Trouble With Paradise is book 4 in the Madeline Dawkins series. This series is a favourite of mine, and I would recommend staring at book one if you haven’t already. Knowing the back-stories and the characters makes this book even more enjoyable.

Book 4 sees Madeline and her partner Mike investigating new mysteries, and dredging up the past in more ways than one. Both cases involve murdered husbands and their widows. As the duo dig to find out the truth they unearth some truths and surprises that help them make sense of things.
I’ve been a fan of this series since book one. I love the character development, seeing Madeline change and grow to become an even stronger person, ready to help people despite her own misfortunes. I also enjoy watching the relationship between Madeline and Mike develop as the series goes on. This is a series that always leaves you wanting more, I can’t wait for the next instalment!

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The Walls Between Us: A Borderland Love Story by Kate McGahan – Review by Lianne Probert

The Walls Between Us: A Borderland Love StoryThe Walls Between Us: A Borderland Love Story by Kate McGahan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is more than your average romance book, although it is most definitely filled with love. The words from the book stayed with me long after I’d finished reading.
The book starts with Vivianna, who is looking to cross the border between Mexico and the USA with her husband, with the dream of starting a new life. When her husband is killed,Vivianna barely has time to grieve before she finds herself thrown into a new turmoil.
Sarah is looking for freedom of a different kind, when she is given a new opportunity she jumps at the chance, and more adventure awaits her as she falls in love.
These women have different goals and opportunities, but the ‘walls’ they both face change their lives forever.
I really enjoyed this story. It was a love story of a different kind filled with pain, fear and, ultimately, hope. The story moves at a fast pace,
I bet if I read it again I will find new details I may have missed. This is my first read by this author, but I will definitely look out for more stories in the future.

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Rebecca Steele Finding the Dream (Rebecca Steele Series #2)Rebecca Steele Finding the Dream by Joanne Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rebecca Steel Finding the Dream is book two in the Rebecca Steel series by Joanne Patterson. I have yet to read book one, but I definitely will now. I don’t feel as though I needed to beforehand, I still very much enjoyed this story.

Becky is, of course, the star of the show in this story, but you get to meet some other wonderful characters along the way.
Beckys life is going better than she could have thought. Her dreams of being a country singer are becoming more real, and she’s working hard to be a success. Her relationship with her boyfriend is going from strength to strength, even with a few curve balls thrown their way. Life isn’t always sweet, but Becky works hard and you are rooting for her to get her happy ending.
There is so much packed into this story that at times I found it hard to keep up, although I usually favour stories that are more descriptive. You meet so many characters and have so many adventures that at times I would have to stop and retrace my steps slightly.
However, this is a lovely, heartwarming read and it was the perfect accompaniment to a sunny afternoon in the garden.

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The Divided Twin (The Divided Series Book 2) by M. Billiter with Kyle Thomas – Review by Lianne Probert

The Divided TwinThe Divided Twin by M. Billiter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Divided Twin is book 2 in the divided series by M Billiter and Kyle Thomas.
It’s not essential but in my opinion you really need to read the first book to understand and appreciate the second book, so if you haven’t already I’d recommend starting with book 1.
The story picks back up with Branson and Aaron, twin brothers who are now in their final year of college.
In this book we also get to meet David. David brings with him more complexities, heartbreak, but also a greater understanding of what mental health looks like to different people. In the first book we saw how Bransons illness had an effect on those all around him, and this continues throughout this book too, but David brings a whole new set of trials and frustrations for everyone.
The twins mum, Tara, is diagnosed with cancer. The emotions throughout the book are very raw.

The characters in this book are very complex and believable. They suffer so much that you are keeping your fingers crossed that some happiness touches their lives.
I really enjoyed this second instalment. It’s a thought provoking read and you are left thinking about it long after you have finished reading.

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A Divided Mind (The Divided Series Book 1) by M. Billiter – Review by Lianne Probert

A Divided MindA Divided Mind by M. Billiter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Divided Mind is a fantastic story. It’s described as a thriller but I’d say it’s more of an emotional fiction novel. Either way it’s very much worth a read.

The story revolves around Branson, but you get to hear from a few different points of view.
Branson is struggling with different issues. He hears voices, he doesn’t know if his friends are really there, he suffers black outs and then carries the weight of this around on his young shoulders.
I really enjoyed the different points of view, obviously Branson is the main character, but you get to see how mental health doesn’t just affect the person who is actually ill, it has a ripple effect and touches everyone in the family and of course everyone copes in different ways.
The story is really well written and you really get to experience what Branson is going through. There are a few surprises throughout the story and it really had me hooked from the start.

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The Widow: A Dark Romantic Fantasy by Naomi Valkyrie & Rebecca E. McEwen – Review by Lianne Probert

The Widow: A Dark Romantic FantasyThe Widow: A Dark Romantic Fantasy by Naomi Valkyrie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Widow was a surprising book for me, but a very good surprise. I always love it when an author, or in this case authors, manages to take me by surprise.

Vashti lost her husband a year ago and is still carrying the weight of his death. She feels trapped and alone, but one day forces herself to make a change. She leaves her home to venture into the nearby town, and that’s where the story really begins. Vashti meets Absalom when he rescues her from a run in with an angry man she accidentally knocks into. In turn Vashti rescues Absalom too, he ends up staying with her when things in his life change and his well made plans are ruined. As the pair become closer things take a romantic turn, Vashti feels happiness after feeling empty for so long. When Absalom’s friend from college turns up, their new found peace is put at risk.

What drew me into this book was the beautiful, in depth descriptions at the start. I could feel Vashti’s pain and loneliness through the words in the book, and I was hooked. The story has some unexpected twists and turns, and you really feel as though you are taken on a journey with the characters. This is a short story that will leave you wanting more. Great if you want a story to read in one sitting.

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Confidentiality (Scope of Practice Book 2) by Jessica Aiken-Hall – Review by Lianne Probert

ConfidentialityConfidentiality by Jessica Aiken-Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Confidentiality is book 2 in the Scope of Practice series by Jessica Aiken-Hall.
This is a continuation of book 1, so if you haven’t read it you definitely need to go back and start with the first book “Boundaries”. As with most collections I enjoy the books more and more and they go on and I get to know the characters better, this was no exception.

The story starts back with Valerie, her past is no longer a secret and I loved seeing her relationship with Tim continue to grow. Her days of isolation are becoming a memory and she has a chance at living the life she craves.
Of course, all is not rosy. The story takes a dark turn as a serial killer is on the loose. Tim and Valerie are tested as the mystery deepens.
I really enjoyed this next instalment. The story is fast paced, and obviously dark at times. There is some light relief along the way though, and some surprises thrown in to keep you guessing. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to book 3.

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TWO HEARTS UNSPOKEN TARGETS (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 11) by Tamara Ferguson – Review by Lianne Probert

TWO HEARTS UNSPOKEN TARGETS (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 11)TWO HEARTS UNSPOKEN TARGETS by Tamara Ferguson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two Hearts Unspoken Targets is book 11 in the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Collection by Tamara Ferguson. I have already read a couple of books from the series so was very much looking forward to reading this story, and it didn’t disappoint.

The story starts with Zachary Logan who is a wounded Air Force Captain. After his retirement Zach relocates to Crystal Rock and starts a new life and new career.
Beth is a single mother to a severely autistic child. She works hard to give her son Kyle the life and help that he needs and deserves. When the plant she has been working at as an accountant announces it will be closing, Beth And Kyle’s future looks less stable, and worry sets in.
Zach soon meets Beth and Kyle. For both Zach and Beth it is an instant attraction and Zach soon falls for Kyle too. But all is not as it seems as Zach’s past comes back to haunt him. Can he protect them?
I loved this next instalment. The wonderful storyline and characters makes this an easy read and keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

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Virtually Gone (High-Tech Crime Solvers Book 6) by Jacquie Biggar – Review by Lianne Probert

Virtually Gone (High-Tech Crime Solvers #6)Virtually Gone by Jacquie Biggar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Virtually gone, by Jacquie Biggar, is part six of a multi author series. I jumped straight in at book six and don’t feel like you need to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this story.

The story begins with the brutal murder of a 16 year old girl, and from this a whole series of event come in to play. The past intermingles with the present, and the race is on to stop others getting hurt.
The characters in this story all have an important part to play, and they all have different issues that make this case more personal to them than others. You can feel the passion and desperation come through, and I think that knowing what drives people, and where their reasoning comes from really helps you to engage with the characters and enjoy the story even more.
The characters and the plot moves very quickly, and there are a few surprises thrown in, which keeps the story exciting and makes you keep turning the pages.
I would recommend this if you enjoy a thriller with a twist.

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Boy on Hold by JD Spero – Review by Lianne Probert

Boy on HoldBoy on Hold by J.D. Spero
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story starts on ‘cabbage night’, a night known for mischief and pranks. When seven-year-old Hen Trout leaves his home in the middle of the night he only has one thing on his mind…hedgehogs! But, the night takes a shocking turn for Hen when he witnesses part of a brutal attack on his beloved neighbour, Miss Sally.
This night is the start of a tremulous time for the Trout family. Family bonds are pushed to the limit as Hens older brother and role model is arrested.
Marcella Trout doesn’t know what to think. Her seventeen-year-old son has been arrested and she can’t help but worry that his recent mood swings may have deeper roots than first thought, she had tried to keep secrets hidden but the past could be about to come back to haunt her.
Boy on Hold is described as “suitable for teens, intriguing for adults” and this is an accurate description. I loved Hen and his relationship with his brother Tyler. A story that starts as a thriller and a mystery soon becomes much more than than and delves into the complicated world of teenage mental health and a family fighting to stay together.

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The Matchmaker and The Marine: A Second Chance Small-Town Romance by Lucinda Race – Review by Lianne Probert

The Matchmaker and The MarineThe Matchmaker and The Marine by Lucinda Race
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Matchmaker Melinda Phillips has devoted her life to helping others find love. Having tragically lost her husband, and childhood sweetheart, in a hit and run accident, Mel’s job is to help others find love like theirs.
Adam has heard a lot about the matchmaker that helped his friend find love. He’s interested in seeking her expertise, but when he falls for Mel can he make her see that she’s allowed to love again? And, can he trust her with his biggest secret?
When Mel hires Adam to work in her garden she gets to know him better, and a playful friendship takes shape. With Adam going on a string of unsuccessful dates the pair have plenty to keep them busy.

Mel and Adam are both such lovely characters you can’t help but wish them well. They both have a lot of baggage, but for me, this makes them more relatable and real. I was rooting for them to get the happy ending they deserve. I was keeping my fingers crossed that this second chance at love would work out for both of them. The story is easy to read, perfect for a cosy afternoon.

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Love Gaia: The Diary Directive by TL Clark – Review by Lianne Probert

Love Gaia: The Diary DirectiveLove Gaia: The Diary Directive by T.L. Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Gaia: The Diary Detective, by TL Clark, is described in the blurb as “A post-nuclear war, dystopian vs. utopian, environmental romance”…and it is just that.
This author is new to me and I was drawn in as I was intrigued by the description.
Aroha and her classmates finally get to learn the truth about the world they live in. It looks different to the world we live in now as it was almost wiped out. The lesson comes in an unusual form, a diary.
Dr Rachel has been dragged away from her life and her family. She starts her diary to keep an account of what her life is like now, and what Rachel and her peers suffer in order to save the rest of humanity.
Love Gaia takes a look at what the future could look like if mistakes are made. It’s up to Aroha and her classmates to protect their world and prevent it happening again.
I really enjoyed this book. It is my first book by TL Clark, I enjoyed the style of writing and found myself wanting to keep reading to know what happens. I particularly enjoyed the way the link to the last was through the diary entries. There is a lot to think about when reading it.
I would recommend this and think young adults in particular would enjoy this.

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Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts Anthology – Review by Lianne Probert

Feisty Heroines: Romance Collection of ShortsFeisty Heroines: Romance Collection of Shorts by D.F. Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Feisty Heroines is a collection of thirty books, all with a strong female lead.

This review is for Good Bones by Maggie Adams.

Cassandra ‘Casey’ Sparks takes care of her mother’s legacy, a hospice home that’s set in an old crumbling mansion. The mansion has seen better days, and with a failed inspection under her belt Casey comes up with a plan to turn it into a bed and breakfast, she just needs the funds.
Griffin is mourning the loss of his beloved grandfather and wants to pay tribute to his memory by opening a resort in the place where he spent his dying days. He knows he might have to play dirty to convince Casey to sell.
This is a short sweet read and a great addition to the Feisty Heroines anthology. Casey is strong willed, smart and fights for what she believes in. She also has a heart of gold, and you really want her to get the happy ending she deserves.

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Stepbrother (Step Dilemma Series Book 1) by Stacy McWilliams – Review by Lianne Probert

StepbrotherStepbrother by Stacy McWilliams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stepbrother is the first book in the Step Dilemma series by Stacy McWilliams, and my first time reading anything by this author.
The story starts with Bailey meeting her mother’s new boyfriend, she finds it difficult meeting new people, and even more awkward when it’s her soon to be stepdad. Soon enough Bailey finds herself in a new home, new neighbourhood and new school. What she didn’t expect is for her new stepbrothers to want to make her life hell, super sexy Cooper in particular seems to hate her. Bailey soon finds out that there’s a fine line between love and hate, and things aren’t as they seem on the surface in her new home.

It took me a little while to warm up to Bailey, and even longer to take to Cooper, but I did in the end. The story is action packed and emotional. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride through anger, sadness and hope…with several pit stops on the way. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

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Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2) by Angela Christina Archer – Review by Lianne Probert

Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2)Another Yesterday by Angela Christina Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another Yesterday is the second book in the Seashells and Second Chances collection by Angela Christina Archer.
In 1966, Maggie ran away from her home town after things didn’t turn out as she’d planned. With her baby daughter in tow she finds somewhere new to forget her past and build her future.
Thirty years later, Rachel thought she had it all, a wonderful husband and successful career. But life is never that simple, and her life takes a dramatic turn, forcing her to face her past and her future.

Be warned, this book is an emotional rollercoaster. There are highs and lows that keep you turning the page for more. The characters are wonderful and I was hooked from the start. You will fall in love with Maggie, Rachel and their stories. As the story follows them both of them two time periods are covered, I loved finding out the backstories and it was easy to switch between the past and the present.
I would recommend this book to anyone.

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Girl Trap (A Madeline Dawkins Mystery Book 3) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Lianne Probert

Girl Trap (Madeline Dawkins #3)Girl Trap by Cynthia Hamilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Girl Trap is the third book in the Madeline Dawkins series. I would say that this book could be read as a stand alone novel, as the author, Cynthia Hamilton, gives a good amount of background information to catch new readers up. However, I always enjoy a book more when I’m already familiar with character and their backstories, so I personally would say it might be even more enjoyable if you start from the beginning of the series.
The start of the book is a refresher, reminding us of the key points that you need to know. It soon dives into the story though, and with Madeline and her partner Mike working on two separate cases there is plenty of action to keep you hooked.
I really like how the plots and characters have developed throughout the series, Madeline and Mike find themselves in uncharted waters this time and having to think on their toes. As always a few surprises are dropped in too, which makes you want to keep reading for more.
A nice, easy read to get lost in for an afternoon.

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Boundaries (Scope of Practice Book 1) by Jessica Aiken-Hall – Review by Lianne Probert

Boundaries (Scope of Practice, #1)Boundaries by Jessica Aiken-Hall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Boundaries, by Jessica Aiken-Hall, is the first book in the Scope of Practice series.
The story follows Valerie Williamson. Val is a social worker who is much more comfortable working with the dead than she is with the living. But, when she is told to start a trauma support group, alongside helping to deal with the suspected overdose of a 19 year old girl, Val is forced to confront feelings and emotions she hasn’t had to face for a long time. Boundaries are pushed and the outcome is surprising.
This story is full of twists and turns, and several surprises along the way.
The main character is a complex one, she’s been through a lot of trauma herself and finds it challenging to find the best way to deal with other people’s issues. This is why she sets her boundaries and tries not to get too close to other people, but that’s all about to change. As the book progresses you hope that Val will find happiness after all that she has had to deal with.
I found the story a little jumpy, and difficult to follow in places. But, that being said, I would still recommend it….especially if you enjoy a story with surprises!

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A Book Signing To Die For: Beach Reads by Judy Moore – Review by Lianne Probert

A Book Signing To Die ForA Book Signing To Die For by Judy Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beck O’Roarke owns a beachside bookshop, Beach Reads, with her feisty, yet lovable, Grandmother. Beck has always loved books, mysteries in particular, and when a murder takes place on her doorstep she can’t help but get involved. As she gets started in her investigation, Beck not only digs up clues but also starts to piece together answers. It doesn’t hurt that this also allows her to hopefully impress the towns new, very handsome, detective. But as she gets closer to the answers she also gets closer to danger, and when it comes down to it things aren’t as they seem at all.

A Book Signing to Die For is an easy to read cosy mystery. The plot is well thought out and I enjoyed that there were a few surprises along the way. The author has created a wonderful set of characters which really bring the story to life. If you are looking for a cosy book to get stuck into I would definitely recommend this.

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Hero High: Figure In The Flames by Mina Chara – Review by Lianne Probert

Figure in the Flames (Hero High, #1-3)Figure in the Flames by Mina Chara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Figure In The Flames is a box set of books containing the first three stories from Mina Chara’s Hero High collection.
Friday Fitzsimmons discovers she has a superpower , they are rare but not unheard of in the futuristic world in which these books are set. All superheroes are sent to train at the elite ‘Hero High’ which is not just a school, but also a reality TV show. Friday would much rather let others take the limelight, but when she earns the title of ‘gifted’ it soon shifts to her.
As with all High Schools Friday experiences highs and lows. But, what she doesn’t expect is to become an integral part in the fight against enemies and in the battle to save the city. Friendships are tested, mysteries are solved and battles are fought.
The books in this collection are all short, fast paced reads, aimed at the YA audience. They are brilliant if you enjoy action packed drama and have the imagination to help bring it all to life.
I love the character of Friday, she really isn’t your average superhero and she has internal struggles to conquer as well as facing the bad guys too.

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Deleted by Ruth Mitchell – Review by Lianne Probert

DeletedDeleted by Ruth Mitchell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deleted, by Ruth Mitchell, is a fantastic, near future novel. It has you wanting to keep reading to find out what happens. It is thought provoking and a new concept novel, both of which can be rare to find.
It looks ahead, but not too far, so things still feel familiar but have some added technology. “Spex” has taken over from phones and iPads, everything is thought controlled. Perfect, right? But, what happens when you can’t trust your own thoughts, you can’t trust that what you remember is accurate, and some memories have been eradicated entirely.
Lucy is a fairly traditional girl, she’s a book loving college student just embarking on life’s adventures. When she embarrasses herself in front of the guy she fancies she’d do just about anything to make him forget, and she finds out that her sister Mollie can actually help her do this.
Lucy’s life takes some unexpected turns, she experiences highs and lows but whatever the memories she knows she wants to keep them, which is why she runs after becoming tangled with the mysterious Nick, a memory hacker.
This is a brilliant book, and suitable for adults and young adults alike, I would definitely recommend it.

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A High Price to Pay (The Madeline Dawkins Series Book 2) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Lianne Probert

A High Price to Pay (Madeline Dawkins, #2)A High Price to Pay by Cynthia Hamilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A High Price To Pay is the second book in the Madeline Dawkins series. If you haven’t already I would definitely recommend reading the first book in the series beforehand.
Madeline is back working as an events coordinator, but also trying to get her PI business off the ground with her friend and partner Mike. Madeline is a great main character, she’s strong and feisty, yet real and vulnerable too. She has suffered in the past, which she is still coming to terms with, but it just makes her more relatable.
Like the first book this story is full of action to keep you hooked and wanting to find out what happens next. The story is full of tense moments and mysteries to be solved. The characters all have a lot of substance to them which I love, and you can tell the author has done a lot of research which really pays off in the details of the story which really bring it to life.
Looking forward to reading the next instalment.

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Humiliating Revenge: Contemporary Young Adult Romance by T. Christensen – Review by Lianne Probert

Humiliating RevengeHumiliating Revenge by T. Christensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Humiliating Revenge is a YA romance novel by T. Christensen.
The story starts with Olivia. Working in a bar one evening she has to wait on her highschool sweetheart Calum who is now a successful athlete, a champion in MMA, and back in town. Reminded of how she brutally ended their relationship Olivia does her best to avoid Calum, but he won’t let her escape that easily. He wants to humiliate her, he wants revenge.
At first Calum sees Olivia as nothing but the stuck up princess she let him believe she was, but he soon realises things aren’t what they seem. Can he help Olivia before it’s too late?
I loved the main characters of the story. Olivia, despite how she was portrayed, is strong yet sweet and vulnerable, and as the story develops you want someone to swoop in and give her the happy ending she deserves. Calum is definitely an alpha male, and I would love to know a bit more about his character. He is just what Olivia needs and I really wanted them to get their happy ending.
This is my first time reading a book by this author, but I will definitely look for more in the future.

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And The River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder Mystery of Leah Marcus by A.J. Ullman – Review by Lianne Probert

And The River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder Mystery of Leah MarcusAnd The River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder Mystery of Leah Marcus by A.J. Ullman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And The River Runs Deep is a true crime novel by AJ Ullman.
Leah Marcus was a seventeen year old school girl with her whole life planned. She was going to make music, she was going to save lives, she was going to bring joy to those close to her. She never got to do any of these things. Leah was found, in her bedroom, brutally murdered.
The novel is written from the point of view of a journalist who reinvestigates the murder case ten years later. It is so ‘factual’ that I had to check that this wasn’t in fact a true story (despite having novel in the title). For me, this style of writing is completely different to what I’m used to. I found it a bit difficult to get used to at first, with lengthy descriptions of the area in which it’s set, but once I got used to it, it was very enjoyable.
The story is set against the backdrop of the Cincinnati 2001 race riots, where tensions, emotions and tempers are already running high.
I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but I will say that this is a book you need to read right to the very end.

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