A Divided Mind (The Divided Series Book 1) by M. Billiter – Review by Lianne Probert

A Divided MindA Divided Mind by M. Billiter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Divided Mind is a fantastic story. It’s described as a thriller but I’d say it’s more of an emotional fiction novel. Either way it’s very much worth a read.

The story revolves around Branson, but you get to hear from a few different points of view.
Branson is struggling with different issues. He hears voices, he doesn’t know if his friends are really there, he suffers black outs and then carries the weight of this around on his young shoulders.
I really enjoyed the different points of view, obviously Branson is the main character, but you get to see how mental health doesn’t just affect the person who is actually ill, it has a ripple effect and touches everyone in the family and of course everyone copes in different ways.
The story is really well written and you really get to experience what Branson is going through. There are a few surprises throughout the story and it really had me hooked from the start.

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