The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy by Holly Tierney-Bedord – Review by Jana Teppih

The Snowflake Valley Advice FairyThe Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy by Holly Tierney-Bedord
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The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy by Holly Tierney-Bedford is an adorable novella perfect for a cold winter evening in front of a burning fireplace after a long and busy day. It is a short feel good read that touches upon real life issues.
Already the first sentence sets the scene for the quirkiness of Snowflake Valley Gazette and the challenges that Elinor will be facing along her journey of growing into her new job, the Snowflake Valley and its people.
I love the way the author pulls at your heart strings and makes you laugh out loud when reading about the problems that Elinor aka the Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy needs to give an advice on. We all can relate to them and I am sure all of us would have the similar initial reaction as Elinor. It was great how she took the concept of the advice column, changed it and made it into something that actually would help the asker.
I hope there will be another book that takes us deeper into the lives of Snowflake Valley inhabitants, I know that I would definitely read it.

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