Eve of the Exceptionals: A YA Epic Fantasy by Parker Sinclair – Review by Erica Fish

Eve of the Exceptionals: A YA Epic FantasyEve of the Exceptionals: A YA Epic Fantasy by Parker Sinclair
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Eve of the Exceptionals by Parker Sinclair is my first book by this author. It is a quick read, but on the other hand if you do not pay attention you may miss a lot of symbolisms in the book.

From the beginning of the story, Gem and Prince Ryzyn were special to one another. They just did not know it at the time. Gem was sent after the Heart of Cyan and she did not realize that is what she was supposed to get from the castle. Gem had her hands on it but to make her escape she left it behind with Prince Ryzyn. She knew that she would be seeing the Prince and the Heart of Cyan again.

This story takes you on a roller coaster ride. There are magical beasts, good magic and evil magic. There is a love story in the background between Gem and Prince Ryzyn. If you miss one line the story will not have the same meaning. Magical forces keep moving towards the Heart of Cyan but only one can master the power, and so they thought.

The phrase “Be Swift Be True” will have a new meaning after you finish this story. I cannot wait to read more by Parker Sinclair.

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