Love, Me (Pleasant Valley, #2) by Anna Brooks – Review by Jenni Bishop

Love, Me (Pleasant Valley, #2)Love, Me by Anna Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rayne Garner can not let go from the past and she made a promise she has vowed to keep which has stopped her from living a loving and fulfilling life for the last two years. However when she has a chance meeting with a man, it has her second guessing everything she thought she knew and wanted. Things Rayne has not felt in years and it is currently testing her love, loyalty and especially the vow she made and the promise that she made to keep that vow. Rayne doesn’t know how to let go of the past and be able to move on with the future.

Vaughn Morris has a love for tattooing and he is good at it. He has only ever wanted a normal life, whatever that is. He has now returned to his home town but along with it comes the most extremely painful reminders of his past and lost youth. A past that has caused scars so deep in his soul that he is unable to fully live that is until he meets Rayne. Vaughn doesn’t know how to love but he knows what he wants and that means Rayne, any how any way he can get her. The idea of relationships and love is one foreign concept.

Can Vaughn and Rayne just be friends? Can they get over their past to have a future? Will they fight for each other? Will honesty keep them apart? Will they find their happily ever after? Will Rayne realise what has held her back? Will Vaughn finally be free when the past is no longer a threat? Will those who love Rayne the best help her to get her life back on track or will they keep her in the past?

This story is well written and about how two people fall in love and learn that some people are just as necessary as the air they breathe. It pulls on your heart strings to see what these two young people have had to endure in their past but can over come for the one they love when they truly let go.

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