Playing for Keeps (Playing Series Book 3) by Ashlie Knapp – Review by Stacey Baxter

Playing for Keeps (Playing Series Book 3)Playing for Keeps by Ashlie Knapp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aria has a painful past which she finds hard to move on it effects her outlook on life now while she’s happy her friends are settling down Aria feels sad as she think she will never get a happy ever after. When Trevin keeps hitting on her she tries her best to keep pushing him away plus hes a player why would he want her when he can any other girl falling at his feet. Trevin wants Aria to be his hes never had this feeling before where he cant stop thinking bout her no matter how much she pushes him away he will do everything I his power to convince her that they could be happy even if that means starting out as platonic friends even with how much he is craving to touch her. Aria and Trevin are perfect together hes a sweet guy who has had mistakes in the past but he wants to good by her and Aria she just needs to let go and be happy but will she? What will happen when Aria finally open up to Trevin? Will they get there happy ever after? Wow I loved there story I was hooked right from the start it was really emotional for me at times especially when you find out more about Aria you cant help but feel her pain. Throughout this hold novel I was rooting for Trevin he was a awesome leading character yes he may of been a player in the past but he is so much more then that which you will learn throughout. I can absolutely recommend this novel but I was also recommend reading the previous books to this series so you can get a better understanding of the other characters. Happy reading!!!

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