12 Hours in Paradise by Kathryn Berla – Review by Jenni Bishop

12 Hours in Paradise12 Hours in Paradise by Kathryn Berla
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dorothy Patmont is on a holiday in Hawaii with her family, where the sun is shining and the place is beautiful but tomorrow she is returning home to Reno, where it is cold with snow, not her favourite. Chester her younger brother drive her crazy and he loves anything free, so Dorothy finds herself in a shop where he wants to eat all the cookies despite Dorothy telling him they are samples and he can only have one. After embarrassing Dorothy she drags him out to return to the hotel.

Arash Atkinson is in Waikiki for a high school band competition. Arash decides to leave his friends where he meets Dorothy and her brother. Arash decides to sneak out and take her on an adventure of a lifetime and one that she won’t ever forget. Arash shows Dorothy a night of discovery, romance and fun in just Twelve hours in paradise. They each run the risk of being discovered but when Arash discovers an app that claims people will fall in love after answering thirty-six questions in each other’s presence, that is a risk they are willing to take. That risk to discover each other and find out if true love exists for them. Arash and Dorothy have found someone and something special only people dream of.

Is what Arash and Dorothy have found something that only comes along once in a lifetime? But what does that mean when they both return to their real lives? What does it mean for them if they get caught?

This is a short but sweet coming of age, Young Adult romance. It is a story that is sad and happy,charming and funny and makes you believe anything is possible in just twelve hours. I enjoyed story and the characters as well and who doesn’t love the setting on a beautiful beach in Hawaii?

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