A Quarter to Twelve (Time #1) by Josephine Traynor – Review by Jenni Bishop

A Quarter to Twelve (Time #1)A Quarter to Twelve by Josephine Traynor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

JaneDoe123 is a happily divorced woman who doesn’t do relationships. She has a great successful business she loves and a best friend who she would do anything for except the one thing she can’t bring herself to do, date. She seems content to perv on the one guy at the gym that has caught her eye. When she doesn’t take the next step Charlotte, her bestie decides enough is enough and signs her up to a dating site and JaneDoe123 is born. As soon as JaneDoe123 is set up she starts to get hits but they are more than she bargained for. The things men are looking for and the pictures they send end up being deleted but the ones that make it are just as bad when they meet face to face. She is on the verge of giving up when she receives one message that may just change her life.

TrickyRicky wants blood and that blood is his brother’s. Why? Because he has decided it is time for him to find that special someone and has set him up on a dating site, and the god awful name TrickyRicky. After a bad break up he threw himself into his job as a Chef. He has built a successful business doing the one thing he loves, cooking. After finding something curious on the dating site he decides to contact JaneDoe123. After comparing dating horror stories they both find themselves sharing more and more of themselves and decide to meet but fate may have a different opinion. After the day from hell they finally meet and they find more than they bargained for.

Will they find the love of their lives? Can they survive all that is thrown at them? Will they fight for each other? Can they let the past go? Can they learn to love themselves to love each other? Will the past destroy what they want?

This is a sweet yet funny and endearing story of learning to love yourself and finding the one. The characters will draw you into the online world of dating with romance and fun and often finding yourself wanting to hug them..

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