Dancer (The Good Guys) by Jamie Schlosser – Review by Jana Teppih

Dancer (The Good Guys)Dancer by Jamie Schlosser
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Dancer is the second book in Jamie Schlosser’s The Good Guys series. I have to admit, I jumped straight into it after finishing the first book (Trucker). Jamie did NOT disappoint me! It was actually quite a few degrees hotter than Trucker and it made so sense when I think of Colton. You can probably read it as a standalone but you get much more out of it if you read Trucker first!
Dancer is a hot and sexy ‘best friends falling in love’ story that blows you out of water! The chemistry between Colton Evans and Brielle “Ellie” Mitchell was off the charts, the story was fast paced but not too fast, I could not put it down until I had finished it (it was another late night for me…why could we not just live off reading books…).
I loved Brielle, she was such a sassy, independent and sweet girl who had made it through all those challenges thrown on her way, she comes through with flying colors (just picture a small town’s prejudice and gossip and … you hopefully can imagine what she has had to fight with). Colton is nothing to sneeze at either. Well, he is a 22-year-old with a little problem, things below his belt buckle have not been working the way they should and you can imagine how it makes him feel … Well, it takes only one glance and Ellie and that little problem is a problem of past …
Jamie throws in couple of unexpected twists that make sense and show us what Colton and Ellie are made of! I wish there were more 22 year olds of their caliber, we would have much more hope for a better future then!
I am sure that once you have read and loved Tucker, you will be like me, hungry for the next one!

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