Life’s Second Chances (Show Me, #1) by Anne Stone – Review by Jenni Bishop

Life's Second Chances (Show Me, #1)Life’s Second Chances by Anne Stone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angelina Samuels is a teacher and after the school she teaches at closes down she is lucky enough to be asked to a last minute interview. Angelina is hired on the spot and finds herself in new teaching job a few days before the year is about to start. As she is being shown around she realises that her best friend, Gabriella Alvarez, from her college days is a teacher at the same school. The two of them are so happy to see each other and reconnect after so long apart. Angelina is settling into her new school as tragedy strikes her family. As one crisis is averted another takes it’s place. As Angelina is trying to recover her constant rock has been Alejandro Alvarez, Gabriella’s brother.

Alejandro is a world renowned transplant surgeon who after suffering a horrifying tragedy, has just moved back home after living away for years. He is trying to put his past behind him and is settling into his new job. Alejandro finds himself growing closer to Angelina but he knows they can only be friends as he learns to deal with the tragedy that changed his life forever. Alejandro ensures he is there as support to both her and her family.

Angelina has a secret he will not share with her family, a secret that only herself and her doctor know. Angelina knows she can never give a man the life he needs. As Angelina and Alejandro spend time together they try to help the other through their crisis they begin to find thing they thought they would never find.

Will Alejandro be able to move on from his past to make a new life? Will Angelina come to grips with her issue to be able to build a life? Will the issues be too much to bear and keep them apart?

There are many characters in this book and each one had their own point of view which at times I found a little confusing as they were all mixed together. All in all though it is a sweet romance full of tragedy and second chances.

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