Dropout (The Good Guys) by Jamie Schlosser – Review by Jana Teppih

Dropout (The Good Guys)Dropout by Jamie Schlosser
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Dropout is the third book in Jamie Schlosser’s The Good Guys series that takes place in the little town of Tolson in the middle of nowhere of Midwest America! Well, you can read it as a standalone but really, why would you not read Trucker and Dancer before tackling Dropout knowing that you would get so much more out of it …
This story is about 19-year-old James ‘Jimmy’ Peabody Johnson and a 21-year-old Mackenna ‘Mack’ Connelly. I know I know, some would be put off by the age difference but heck, I have rarely met someone in their 20ies who would be as mature as Jimmy was. I do not believe in age, I believe in who you are deep down and he is kind, considerate and feels strong. Mack is another one who is way mature beyond her years and there is no surprise there, she has experienced a lot in her 21 years.
There are a lot of holy moly moments in this book, I cried and I laughed and I got angry … so I ran a whole gamut of emotions, it was that well written! Jamie really knows how to spin a story and pull you in (it was another late night with this book as I needed to finish it!).
I loved that the writer showed us that one does not need to go and get a college degree to be successful and happy in their lives, you simply need to find your passion and follow it. You can make a beautiful life in a small town amongst hard working people that have your back!
I very much enjoyed to get know Jimmy’s grandmother Beverly more (we met her first time in the first book and she was a total hoot!). She is such a character and she made me miss my grandmother who has been gone for over 20 years … What an acceptance and joie de vivre! Not a dull moment!
I invite you on a ride that will not leave you cold! I hope that Jamie will have some more Good Guys to write about!

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