Frost Bitten (The Portal Prophecies, #3) by C.A. King – Review by Jenni Bishop

Frost Bitten (The Portal Prophecies, #3)Frost Bitten by C.A. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The last person that Willow and her friends thought would ever come and ask for their help did. Lance is in dire need to find his sister and has turned to the only ones he feels can help him.

Now that Willow and her friends have survived Halloween they find themselves under the watchful eyes of others with magical powers and creatures. Something is happening in the world but they are just not sure what and they don’t know who they can trust anymore. Everywhere they turn it seems that everyone seems to be against them. Whilst having to deal with the hostility they are on a new mission to aid Lance in recovering someone close to him, his sister, Sissy. As they find each new portal another world opens up with problems and new discoveries. Creatures that are more than they first seem, Guardians long lost, A missing Santa that threatens Christmas and friends that could be enemies. Can Willow and her friends find Santa and save Christmas? Will they find the magic of Christmas? The possibility of losing one of their own has Willow feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders and she is starting to feel more alone than ever. The ever present prophecies leave more questions than answers. Adults who think they know better than the young have many hidden agendas and challenges that seem relatively hard may be easier than meets the eye and vice versa.

Do Willow and her friends make more unlikely alliances or do they make more enemies? Can Willow escape and survive King Cornelius’ wrath? Will betrayal be found? Who can they trust? Will evil finally catch up with them? Can they survive in order to save others? Will the magical world pose a threat and leave more than one fighting for their lives?

Frost Bitten is the third book in the Portal Prophecies series. It is action packed, more emotional and intense and stakes are definitely higher. I enjoy the different characters as they trek through each adventure. Again as with the other books in this series I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading anything paranormal, supernatural and fantasy.

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