The Lucky One (Carolina Connections # 3) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Lucky One (Carolina Connections # 3)The Lucky One by Sylvie Stewart
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Bailey Murphy is definitely not your stereotypical girl. She’s from an Irish background and loves her Daddy and give her a beer and football and she is in heaven. The last time she looked she had all the correct anatomical parts but all that girly stuff is not for her. She is sassy and stubborn and definitely a tomboy but under all that is a girl who has been damaged and left insecure by someone she thought had her best interests at heart. Someone that took away her dreams. Someone she has kept hidden from family and friends. Bailey thought she had all her defenses in place, shields up, gates closed, padlocks locked and a wall around her heart that rivaled the great wall of china. But that was before him, one look and one night was all it took. However it was something she did not want or need, right? What she is finally learning is that she is a girl but still not a girly girl!

Jake had just returned home from living away for many years. He has just started his own business and a partnership and he loves his job. He loves his family and friends and is building a life he is proud of. Coming home was a great decision. He considered himself lucky but that was before her, one look and one night was all it took. He doesn’t understand women and this woman more than others.

Will Bailey finally let Jake in? Will Jake give up when all seems lost? Will the two be pulled together in the most unlikely circumstances? Will their lives be changed forever? Will Bailey’s past be too much to handle? Will Bailey finally see herself for what she is? Will Bailey finally decide she is worth being love?

This book is the third one in the series and just like the other two it is a great story. Sylvie Stewart has become a favorite of mine, I find her work rather addictive. She can weave a great story that keeps you wanting more. You will find yourself laughing out loud at the antics and find yourself loving each and everyone of these characters, flawed or not they become family.

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