The Prince’s Game (Mershano Empire, #1) by Lexi C. Foss – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Prince's Game (Mershano Empire, #1)The Prince’s Game by Lexi C. Foss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarah Summers finds herself facing yet another of her twin sister, Abby’s prank but this time there is more at stake. Oh her sister was dead and pay back was a bitch…. As Sarah finds herself trapped on a reality dating show she finds more than she bargained for but one thing was for sure she would get herself voted off the show the very first chance she gets. But that seems easier said than done. When fronted by the devil himself with a proposition she can’t refuse, Sarah decides to stay. Staying means she will get her dream of owning her own business in marketing and that means helping those she has decided are worth if. But staying is not without it’s risks. Being faced day in and day out with the show finally wears Sarah down but what can she do? An agreement is an agreement and a binding one at that.

Evan Mershano is the billionaire prince of the Mershano empire but with that comes conditions. Conditions that see him playing a game that he doesn’t want to play but two can play the game, correct? He is a bachelor married to his job so marriage itself is not ever on the cards. If he doesn’t live up to expectations he doesn’t get to keep control of his empire. Evan finds a solution staring him in the face, one where he can meet those expectations and conditions and maintain control of his empire. When Evan takes control he finds more than he bargained for. What he once thought he wanted had been twisted on it’s ear.

Will Sarah safe guard her heart? Will she be able to stand the test of time? Will she get more than she ever dreamed or will reality get in the way? Will Sarah learn that all is not as it seems in time to save herself? Will Evan see that there is more to life? Will he lose the one person he thought he could trust? Can he play the Prince’s game and win? But what is the cost if he does win?

I enjoyed reading this story. Lexi knows how to write and capture your attention. I enjoyed the chemistry and friendship between the characters.

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