The One That Got Away by Charlotte Roth – Review by Angela Hayes

The One That Got AwayThe One That Got Away by Charlotte Roth
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The One That Got Away by Charlotte Roth is a wonderful women’s fiction novel. It has a interesting, clean, fun storyline with just enough drama, conflicted feelings, and intriguing characters to keep me hooked. I like how Ms. Roth changes things up a bit with this book- I loved Planet Perfect, but I think this book is even better. I also loved how the story made me think and gave me lots to ponder about how the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and how easy it is to become complacent in a long-term relationship, how important it is to communicate… and much more.
Helen has been happily married to her husband Mark for almost 20 years. But she’s somewhat insecure, feels her age catching up to her, has doubts, and is just a little lost. She finds her ex on social media and can’t seem to stop thinking of him and wondering what life with him would have been like. Helen ends up attending a friend’s wedding in Italy, knowing that her ex would also be there. When old feelings bubble to the surface and social media gets thrown into the mix- and when her husband arrives unexpectedly- Helen will have a lot to work through… and what ensues makes for a funny, sweet, and very entertaining read.
This is a really great, fast paced, and easy read. It is realistic, relatable and entirely believable. The characters are fantastic, very well developed and quite endearing.
I look forward to more from Ms. Roth.

Thank you, Ms. Roth!


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