Life’s Second Chances by Anne Stone – Review by Debi Kircher

Life's Second Chances (Show Me, #1)Life’s Second Chances by Anne Stone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life’s Second Chances by Anne Stone is Book 1 of the Show Me series

This is the story of Alejandro and Angelina.
4 Stars

This story starts out with Angelina applying for a teaching position with St. Margaret’s Catholic school. She had been teaching with another school since college and that sadly ended with the closing of the school due to decreasing enrollment. It’s only a week before school starts and Angelina is thrilled when she hears the words “You’re hired”. While being shown to her new classroom she runs into a familiar face, her best friend from college Gabriella, Angelina is thrilled that Gabriella is also a teacher at St. Margaret’s and her classroom is right across the hall. They haven’t seen or talked to each other much since college as their lives just got so busy, so they are thrilled to be able to reconnect. While catching up with each other and their families Gabriella tells her that her brother Alejandro, a renowned transplant surgeon, has moved back to town to head up the local transplant services. Angelina and Alejandro had never met but had spoken on the phone a few times during their college years. They finally meet for the first time at a surprise birthday party for Gabriella, where he had to leave early for hospital business. They run into each other again at a bookstore and he asks her to grab a bite to eat. When the night ends a phone call comes in that there had a been a terrible accident involving Angelina’s younger sister and Alejandro does all he can to help her and her family through what has happened. Then when Angelina is faced with her own health issues that will change her life forever, Alejandro feels he is the one to get her through it, although he himself is dealing with heart breaking issues from his past. Can these two people get past all the roadblocks keeping them from thinking of a future together? Can they learn to trust each other, lean on each other and find love?

This was a very refreshing, clean, sweet love story. I loved that both of them had very close supportive families and that these families came together often. I did find some of the book to be a bit wordy but that did not take away at all from the storyline and I just got used to it not far in. This was my first book by Anne Stone and definitely won’t be my last.

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