Fire On The Farm by Betty Shreffler – Review by Jenni Bishop

Fire On The FarmFire On The Farm by Betty Shreffler
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Amy Flanders didn’t know how to go on, she has had to endure something someone so young should never have to go through. The loss of the man she loved from a horrible accident has left her reeling. After love and patience she is pulling her life together. Amy Flanders has decided to throw herself into what she loves best and turn it into a business dedicated to training and caring for not only her horses but for horses that need love and nurturing and time to mend. After a stressful day Amy finds herself left alone at a pub after being cancelled on, that is until a handsome stranger steps through the door.

Brock Baisdin spends his time working his own business and for the most part enjoys it but something is missing. After stepping through the door of the pub he is instantly drawn to the blue eyed beauty sitting by herself. After learning she has been left alone Brock decides to step in and help her out because he wants to get to know this woman. After a great time and no longer being able to contain their attraction they find themselves in each other’s arms.

Amy finds herself trying to reconcile her feelings from the past and feelings for a possible future. Brock knows what he wants and he wants to be the man that Amy Flanders can love again. He wants to be the man to see her smile and find her love of life again.

Will Amy be able to put her past behind her? Will Amy let go of her fears? Will Brock be able to show her how to love again? Will Amy lose her second chance at love?

This is a sad and yet beautiful story of love and loss. Of overcoming fears to put yourself out there for another chance at love. This book will make you cry and is full of so many emotions, at times I wanted to slap sense into people but could not stop reading. You know it’s a good story when you get emotionally involved. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Grab, read and enjoy. Oh and don’t forget tissues.

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