Rage Against the Devil (Wild Beasts Series Book 3) by T. Birmingham – Review by Jenni Bishop

Rage Against the Devil (Wild Beasts Series Book 3)Rage Against the Devil by T. Birmingham
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Nicholas Arviso is a cop but he is not your ordinary cop. He is a wolf, but he is not your ordinary wolf. He has spent his life hiding and trying to forget the past. A past that he can never forget. A past he can not forgive himself for. A past that continues to haunt him to this day. A past that has kept him partially secluded from the world. A past he tries to run from literally. Whilst running from his past he finds a gruesome discovery, a crime scene near his home, in his backyard. A crime scene that is so brutal that without his sense of smell there would be no discovering the truth. A truth that will change his life forever. A discovery that will cause him to look inward to find the ugly truth. Secrets that changes the way he thinks and all he has known.

Eire Donovan has lived a hard life forsaking family and friends. Things she has had to see and endure have made her dark, cold as stone, a hard bitch with her gifts make her both dangerous and deadly. She is a thing that most fear even evil itself therefore making her good at her job as an enforcer. Now in Montville, New York, she is chasing after a series of deaths Eire finds that a past she thought dead and buried is back to haunt her. Facing family has made her even colder and sharper than she thought she would become. Eire is darkness, she is an Other but despite all that she has known she must finally face the truth about herself. A truth she does not want to know, a truth she has pushed aside and buried deep within. The truth of who she really is.

Will Nick finally let go of the past? Will he finally accept who he is? Will he be able to save on the one thing that would kill him and who could save him? Will the Light and Dark find even ground to defeat the enemy? Will they find that the differences between them is to much? Will they sacrifice themselves to destroy the evil? Will they find the truth to themselves in time to save themselves?

This book is a Paranormal Romance that is complex and the chemistry is hot but it is also heartbreaking, enlightening and awakening. The world created in this story will draw you in! The characters are well written you will want to just keep reading.

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