Encroachment (Coach’s Shadow Trilogy, #2) by Monica DeSimone – Review by Jenni Bishop

Encroachment (Coach's Shadow Trilogy, #2)Encroachment by Monica DeSimone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Claire McEvoy’s is continuing to live her life under the fear and hurt and agonizing pain from being assaulted as a teenager. Claire has built a life time of walls, boxes, pu chains on and locked her heart up tight to everyone. Only one good thing came of that violent night and that one thing is her life. She lost so much that night, her innocence, her family and her best friend. Claire has learnt only one way to cope and that is to spend all her time and energy on taking care of everyone else. To make sure her girls have everything and want for nothing. She is never meant to find happiness and is ok with her lot in life. Claire has never let a man into her life since that night and never will. That is until she is rail roaded by the one person that may break down her barriers. But can she let him in?

Jackson Alexander lost it all twenty three years ago. Not only did he lose his best friend but he lost his dreams keeping the terrible ugly secret of that night from the past. He did it for her because he loved her, still loves her, he has loved Claire since she was fifteen years old. Even though she pushed him away, he has decided he is back and he will not let her push him away again. He thought friendship with her would sustain him but no more. Her time for running is over. She just doesn’t know it yet. Claire will certainly push and run but he will push harder. He loves his girls and his mission is to make them his. When he realised the past is in town and threatens all that he loves he vows and declares that he will do everything he has to make them feel safe, loved and wanted. To make sure they have everything they were denied.

Can Claire finally overcome the past? Can she learn to let a man in? Will she finally learn what it means to be loved? Will Claire finally be free of the past or will said past be to much to bear? Is Jackson the one to make Claire whole?

This story is sweet and romantic and had me laughing a few times even though it is based around a violent sensitive tragedy. I enjoyed the family of the characters. This book pulled at my emotions indicating that the author has done a good job at writing.

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